Milk Chillers

Milk Chiller 100 Ltrs
Milk Chiller 200 Ltrs
Milk Chiller 300 Ltrs

Milk Chiller is the key equipment for the mechanical milking system in dairy farms and are widely used in the manual milking farms, collection centers and milk production plants which can keep the milk fresh and prevent the bacteria to grow.
Milk chiller is the new product which is aesthetically pleasant, easy to install, customize and configure.

Milk Chiller Benefits

  • Milking machines automatically pump milk into the Chiller Tank.
  • Chillers remove heat away by pasteurization to cool the milk down to the desired temperature.
  • Prevents Milk from deteriorating and prolongs its storage life.
  • Our Milk chillers are handy and easy to transport.

Milk Chiller Features

  • Capacity ranges from 100 to 300 Liters and above
  • The Chillers are manufactured in Stainless Steel (SS)
  • Insulated with polyurethane for an outstanding insulation and adding extra strength to the tank
  • Live Temperature Display on the LCD
  • The U shape of tank allows easy, yet thorough cleaning, with minimal effort.
  • Efficient agitator mixes even small quantities of milk.
  • Standard outlet Ø 50 mm is equipped with a butterfly valve.
  • Automatic trip function to maintain temperature at 4°C
  • Power Efficient

Technical Details

Technical Specifications Manufacture

  • AISI 304 stainless steel inner tank and outer casing.
  • Total primary Trapcold™ laser welded evaporator surface with maximum yield.
  • Very thick ecofriendly and performing insulation by polyurethane foam.
  • DN50 outlet – butterfly valve included.
  • Millimeter stainless steel dip-stick with direct reading of the milk-level in litres.

Cooling System

  • Non-icing cooling even with low filling level.
  • Direct expansion.
  • Stainless steel casing.
  • Compact and easy to install.

Electric System

  • FIPO 0 electronic milk controller.
  • Milk temperature check and display.
  • Stirring program.
  • Electrical feeding cables with standardised plug (male).
  • 230V 50HZ single-phase