Dual Fan Units

Our Air coolers are fine heat exchangers in which a working fluid heats up with heat absorption from the environment to be cooled, without changing the aggregate state. The units serve as components of a system, e.g. for conditioning the room air or cooling goods.

Evaporators are fine heat exchangers serving as components of a refrigeration system, in which liquid refrigerant evaporates with heat absorption from the environment to be cooled. The units are used e.g. in deep-freeze applications in food storage.



  • Robust design
  • Suction fans, wide air throw
  • Large variety
  • Numerous design types

Easy to Install

  • Ceiling mounting brackets for easy installation
  • Empty tube for defrost sensor
  • Side cover with hinges and quick-release fastener
  • Schrader valve on outlet

Inspection and Cleaning

  • Hinged tray

HACCP Hygiene Certificate

  • Suitable for rooms used for food processing
  • All materials used approved for food items
  • Drip tray with edges inclined at 45° angle
  • Easy to clean

High Operational Reliability and Leak-Safety

  • Roven Güntner floating coil principle (refrigerant carrying tubes do not contact the casing; increases the heat exchanger’s service life)

Technical Details